This Man Rescues a Stray Kitten, She Can’t Stop Thanking Him

Stray cats have great difficulty surviving alone. It is very easy to submit to the elements without the mother who keeps them and teaches them that they rarely reach adulthood. When these little kittens were found, they were incredibly dirty and hungry, but the rescuers took them away despite the fact that they would be confronted with jealous cats once they returned home.
They tried to feed her with the usual cat food, but she was so small and so weak that she could not manage on her own. So they cooked chickens and cut them into small pieces. After feeding her belly, she shook her head to sleep. They noticed that she was struggling to keep an eye open and she was worried about being hurt, but they cleaned her up and it seemed better. After another nap, they gave her a toy to play with and she soon started playing it. All you need is a little love and attention to make him act like a little cat again. Now called “Mimi”, this little cat manipulates humans for all possible occasions, grateful for saving him from a terrible outdoor life.

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